DOXOSTONE TACK - Tie Tack - Sterling Silver
DOXOSTONE TACK - Tie Tack - Sterling Silver
DOXOSTONE TACK - Tie Tack - Sterling Silver
DOXOSTONE TACK - Tie Tack - Sterling Silver

DOXOSTONE TACK - Tie Tack - Sterling Silver

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Fabrication requires up to four weeks. However, some items such as the Geo Heart pendant are in continuous production and orders are filled as soon as inventory is available.
  • Description
  • Doxostone Tack - 3d Printed Tie Tack in Sterling Silver:

    This geometric stud is set with a lab-grown sapphire for a deep blue sparkle. An ultramodern take on a regal button, this parametric pyramid is sure to look sharp.

    The stud is approximately 1 cm wide and is backed with a nickle plated pin back and bar chain.

  • Size & Fit
  • Specific Size & Fit charts can be found in the listing for each individual item.

    Additionally, the tips below from our blog post on this subject, might be helpful in choosing the correct size:

    X Over 0 3d printed rings
    rings: Cyto and Orpheus

    Jewelry is fairly simple to size, but we've put together this guide to help you find the best fit. This information may or may not be applicable to jewelry from other designers - we haven't re-invented the wheel as fas as sizing goes but we can't speak for how other jewelers do it either.

    Of all jewelry categories, bracelets are probably the trickiest item to fit - and bangles and cuffs fit very differently. Bangles must pass over the knuckles with the thumb compressed tightly. When passing over the widest part of the hand, the bangle should feel very snug. This will ensure it won't slide off during wear.

    Oval cuffs however, should fit as snugly as possible directly on the wrist. A small gap in the cuff allows the wrist to pass through, and a snug fit will ensure it stays on.

    how to measure for bracelets
    hand measurement diagram

    Just for reference, I have a relatively wide hand and a thin wrist, as shown in the drawing above. This means I wear a size medium bangle and a size small cuff. Knowing the general proportions of a person's hands can help you decide which size to choose as a gift.

    Size falls within a range, and in this diagram the dashed lines represent those parameters. If it's helpful, you can click on the image above to download a to-scale reference. (If you print it, make sure "scale to fit" of "fit to page" is unchecked. It's already sized for 8.5" x 11" paper.)

    Our statement necklaces are sized by neck measurement. This measurement should be taken at a different point on the neck for chokers and for collars. The diagram below shows what I mean. 

    how to measure for necklaces
    neck measurement diagram

    While we strive to size everything according to any established industry standards, rings are probably the most consistently sized item in the jewelry industry. Our rings are available in standard US sizes 4 - 10.5.

    I have tried several DIY ring sizing methods myself with inconsistent results, so I don't recommend relying on any string or paper wrapping method. What I do recommend is this inexpensive ring sizer. It's on Amazon, so if you have a Prime membership it should arrive super quickly. (Do note, they use dashes to represent half-sizes, so a ring sizer marked "7 -" means "7.5" not "7".)

    Ring Sizer Mandrel and Ring Sizer Tool
    mandrel and ring sizer

    We are not in any way affiliated with this product, but have one of these in our tool kit and have found it to be very accurate. We even advised a couple that we made wedding rings for to get this sizer. Their rings turned out great and were the right sizes for their big day!

    If figuring out the right size still seems like too much trouble, there are always earrings and pendants, which are one size fits all.

    pendants and earrings
    earrings and pendants

    I hope this info helps, but if you have any questions feel free to comment below or email me at


  • How It's Made
  • We design and fabricate our Sterling Silver jewelry in our Mississippi studio using the same pairs of hands that built the studio itself. Within these walls we do our own design, casting, soldering, setting, and polishing.

    We use de-oxidized .925 sterling silver grain in our castings, which means our pieces take 6 times longer to tarnish than standard sterling silver jewelry. We want you to spend time enjoying your jewelry, not polishing it. Our silver jewelry is solid not plated.

    After an exacting design and prototyping phase, the final positives are first printed in resin-wax. Next they are cast in the final material in a traditional lost-wax casting process.

    Our designs are intended to express the unique capabilities of 3d printing and are only possible to produce through this technology.


    You can read more info about the materials we use here or check out our manifesto here.

  • Shipping, Etc.,
  • Our items are made to order and require up to three weeks of fabrication time before shipping. We generally ship orders as soon as they are ready unless you contact us beforehand about other arrangements. 

    If you need something sooner, please get in touch to confirm if we have stock on hand or to see if rush production is available.

    All of the items in your order will ship together. So, the item with the longest fabrication time will determine when the whole order is shipped.

    Shipping time will depend on the shipping method you select at check out. Please be aware that we cannot guarantee strict delivery deadlines. We rely on external delivery services such as USPS and UPS to deliver our packages. And the date by which they deliver is entirely their responsibility.

    That said, we are here to help sort out any shipping issues, so please reach out if you encounter one. 

    Check out our FAQ page for more info. And feel free to email me at (or use our contact form) if you have any questions or concerns. 

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