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You may have heard us mention our account once or twice by now. is this cool new social media network, except that it's not exactly "cool" - it's more academic-ish.

We are not affiliated with this platform in any way, aside from being avid users. And we love it!

Basically it's kind of like Pinterest except less sales oriented. It's geared instead towards research and information. The interface is intuitive and lightning-fast. It allows us to quickly gather photos, articles, ideas, and notes. We can organize and arrange these references in whatever way seems logical to us.

And one of the best features is that it's easy to navigate to the original source, allowing you to use our research to continue yours.ย Just click "Source" to go directly to the original site, or "Connect" to add the same resource to your own channel. describes their platform as "a distraction-free space where you can collect anything, organize your thoughts, and develop ideas over time. Itโ€™s also a community where curiosity and collaboration are more important than algorithms and likes."

They also promise to remain ad free! You can read more about straight from the horse's mouth here.ย 

Here's how I've been using When I'm interested in researching a particular subject for a blog post, I create a channel for that subject and add all my sources to it as I read them. Then I write a blog post with those sources as my reference.

On the X Over 0 account you'll find channels related to various specific aspects of 3d Printing and of Jewelry Design. Some channels might get really really specific. is not unlike bookmarking in your browser but with visual and social elements that make it more fun. It's definitely the most easy on the eyes way to share research I've seen online.

If you have a chance to give it a try, I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

And if you have any suggestions for what subjects we should research next, we'd love to hear about that in the comment section below!

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